Zigzag 66mm Red – Longboard Wielen

The Abec11 ZigZags in 66mm were originally designed as a slalom wheel, but are applicable to cruisers, light downhill use, and zipping around town with great roll speed and grip. This wheel has an offset design and flexible lips that help it grip while going through tight carves or corners, and the Reflex urethane is regarded as some of the fastest on the market today. Specifications:Height: 66mm Durometers: 86a Width: 51mm Contact Patch: 48.5mm Hub: 25mm Hub Setting: OS Offset Depth of Urethane: 20.5mm Edges: Square Disciplines: The quicker smaller hard-carving pumping and slalom specific wheel. 78a for carver-cruisers. ‘Reflex’ formulas for Slalom racing. How they have been described by our customers: Finally the perfect sized Tight Slalom wheel and a cool wheel for my Old School decks. Easy to pump up to speed. Insane traction

€ 57.95

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