Swift Freeride 77mm Wheels Tan Grey – Longboard Wielen

The Bustin 75a Swifts have landed! Made from a radical formula called Sameawesomethane, the 75a Swifts will benefit those who want to cut more speed during their slides.We’ve had a really great time with the 78a and 82a Swift wheels, and we just want to keep that going, but with more grip and more push-back during slides that only a softer durometer can give you. Sweet and simple. The harder wheels will allow you to learn how to slide easier, shoving them out with less effort. The softer wheels will push back the most, cut the most speed, and grip harder in corners, and the 78a Swifts are that perfect happy middle ground. Not sure which set to get? We recommend the harder 82a wheels for people who are first time sliders. They will release the easiest, and that will make the learning process easier, especially at lower speeds. The 75a wheels will be suitable for beginner riders who want a soft, cushy ride that want to have the ability to release the wheels a little during hard carves, or they’re great for advanced riders who want to cut a lot of speed during slides and still grip around corners. They’re also super fast in a straight line and will make for an excellent city cruising wheel. The 78a Swifts are the go-to wheel for most freeriders in most situations. Whichever you choose, you’re going to have a hard time riding anything else after your Stokeometer fills up past full and blows its top. From then on, everything’s based on feel, and if it doesn’t feel like Bustin, it’s probably just bust. back the most, cut the most speed, and grip harder in corners, and the 78a Swifts are that perfect happy middle ground. The wheels are named after the artist who put his tag on them. We felt the name represented the feeling you get when you’re riding them, and it stuck. The Swift Freerides are Bustin’s answer to all of the recent wheel offerings we’ve seen with a little added innovation of our own. Our team riders have been thrashing these on the Williamsburg bridge, in the city, and on north Manhattan’s steepest slide hills on everything from the 32-inch Maestro Mini to the Ibach to a 58-inch dancer. They all came back with the same response–Wow. Try out these new Swift wheels and see for yourself.This 77mm Swift wheel from Bustin is a great value choice being a bit larger. This is a smooth sliding and wearing freeride wheel that will outperform almost anything out there. Make sure your board has ample wheel clearance, but if it does, you’re in for a treat with this one. Great value for freeriders.Bustin Swift Freeride 77mm 78a The larger diameter and contact patch make the 77mm Swift less quick to release traction and slow down the board a lot quicker than their 70mm cousins. They take more force to let go, but once they are sideways, they slide buttery smooth and are very good for speed control. Unlike most 75mm+ wheels, these are virtually chatterless, only chattering slightly when the board begins to high-side. If you hold your slide properly, these are a perfect large slide wheel for speed control.Height: 77mmDurometers: 78A or 82AContact Patch: 45mmStone-ground finishFreeride wheelsName: Swift Freeride Tan Height: 77mm Durometers: 78a Contact Patch: 45mmColor: Grey (grijs)Sold per 4

€ 64.00

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