Retro Zigzag 70mm Wheels – Longboard Wielen

How they have been described by our customers: The traction of a Grippin in an offset footprint. Excellent acceleration when pumping and awesome roll speed in GS. The urethane even sounds fastThe Abec11 Retro ZigZags are made of a translucent red that is gorgeous for any board. The ZigZag is a slalom, cruising, carving, or light DH wheel that has plenty of grip and super fast roll speed.Finally the perfect sized Tight Slalom wheel and a cool wheel for my Old School decks. Easy to pump up to speed. Insane tractionName: ZigZags Height: 70mm Durometers: 78a Width: 53mm Contact Patch: 51.5mm Hub: 25mm Hub Setting: OS Offset Depth of Urethane: 22.5mm Edges: Square Disciplines: The faster larger hard-carving pumping and slalom specific wheel. 78a for carver-cruisers

€ 59.95

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