Retro Reflex FreeRide 72mm – Longboard Wielen

The Abec11 Retro Freeride is a super durable freeride wheel made from some of the fastest urethane out there, Reflex. Reflex offers great grip when you’re carving around, but slides super fast and smooth when sideways. Some might say it’s icey, but it makes up for it in extreme durability. If you’re looking for narrower contact patch wheel that will last FOREVER this is a great option.Freeriding wheels for all-around longboarding carving cruising sliding and downhill … fast smooth and predictably drifty. Yellow = 80a Orange = 86a Orange Plus = 89a Specifications:Height: 72mm Durometers: 80a Width: 45mm Contact Patch: 32.0mm Hub: 35mm Hub Setting: OS Offset Depth of Urethane: 18.5mm Edges: Round Disciplines: Freeriding all-around longboarding carving cruising sliding downhill How they have been described by our customers: Fast smooth predictable drifty wheel

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