Retro BertZ 60mm Wheels – Longboard Wielen

For old school to minis these small retro wheels are very smooth. Developed for the movie Lords of Dogtown. Name: BertZ Height: 60mm Durometers: 81a Width: 35mm Contact Patch: 35mm Hub: 25mm Hub Setting: SS Sideset Depth of Urethane: 17.5mm Edges: Square Disciplines: General purpose fun wheel used with a number of the smaller Retro boards for quick turns and cruising How they have been described by our customers: Blast from the pastThe Abec11 Bertz were designed and manufactured to be a direct replacement and look-alike for clay wheels from the 70’s, but made of today’s high end urethane. Being small and fast they are great to replace wheels on micro cruisers like the Landyachtz Dinghy, or a Penny board. Some riders have found they leave HUGE yellow ‘thane lines on the road, but they won’t last long doing it. They are a fantastic cruiser wheel for small boards or carving around town.Abec11 BertzHeight: 60mmDurometers: 81aWidth: 35mmContact Patch: 35mmHub: 25mmHub Setting: SS SidesetDepth of Urethane: 17.5mmEdges: Square

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