R ll 180mm RAW – Longboard Trucks

Randall RII 180mm trucksEveryone rides their longboard trucks differently. I.E. some people like loose trucks and some people like their trucks super tight. With the stock Randal bushings you do not get a wide range of truck adjustability. Adding the the Bushing Upgrade Kit gives you the options to choose the hardness of your bushing. If you like a super carvy feel try out the orange combo insert large. If you ride your trucks super tight try out the black or purple combo insert large. The bushing upgrade kit also ships with 2 Flat Bottom Bushing Washers. These are great for people who like to ride their trucks super tight as the bushing washer will not pinch and split the bushing like it does with the stock Randal bushing cups.
Kleur :Red, Grey, Wit, Zwart
Hanger Breedte (mm):180 mm
Truck type: RKP
Base plate hoek: 42 or 50 Degrees
As Diameter: 8 mm

€ 59.95

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