No Skoolz 65mm – Longboard Wielen

The 65mm Abec11 NoSkoolz are a centre-set all around wheel that is suitable for all types of skating, hence the name No Skool. You can use it for downhill and freeride in the softer duros (75a-84a) and around town and in parks in the harder durometers (84a-94a). Being a wider than usual, double radius shape like this it slides smooth in all durometers, wears well with centre-set cores, and grips great even on rough skatepark pavement.Abec11 No SkoolzA quick, smooth sliding wheel for parks, pools and ditchesHeight: 65mmDurometers: 75a, 78a, 81a, 88a, 92a, 94aWidth:48mmContact Patch: 34.0mmHub: 25mmHub Setting: CS CentersetDepth of Urethane:17.5mmEdges: Round

€ 51.95

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