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Oust MOC 7 Speed The Oust MOC 7 Speed bearing was designed specifically for speed and manuverability under extreme skateboard conditions. After hundreds of hours of research on vert technical street and slalom the problems and the needed solutions were realized. A skateboard bearing had to be designed that would accept torsional loads caused by carving pumping and four wheel slides and maintain its speed. The Oust MOC 7 Speed design is far beyond all of the other bearing designs in existence today including ceramic and mini bearing.The Only Bearing Engineered Specifically for Skateboards After several years of research Oust Inc. has developed a hybrid skateboard bearing named the ‘ MOC SERIES’. These bearings meet all the critical factors for aggressive skateboarding. Unlike the common 608 bearings that are presently being used in the skateboarding industry which only require a radial load roll-out OUST Inc. has designed a hybrid bearing which meet all the criteria for Static Dynamic and Impact loads as well as bearing misalignment caused by torque. These are side loads associated with carving powerslides pumping and technical skating. The OUST MOC Series bearings are the FIRST and only bearing manufactured for skateboarding that achieve a matched coefficient of friction between radial load roll-out and tortional load roll out. There are four bearings designed for specific skateboarding the MOC 5 Street MOC 5 Tech MOC 7 Speed and the MOC 9 Airr…. All four have the same structural design but there are changes in the cage seal ball grade and finish. The MOC 9 Airr… has also been strengthened and reduced in weight. Specifically designed for maximum performance in Technical Street Vert and Slalom!

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