Hot Spot 76mm Wheels – Longboard Wielen

The new 76mm x 59mm Hot Spot is quite possibly the fastest all-around wheel ever developed for Downhill and GS racing. It’s molded in Black Ops™ urethane around the new Seismic Mini-EC core. Not too big and not too small the core preserves ample tire thickness while saving over ½-ounce per wheel and super-charging inside edge rebound. The result is a big wide wheel with superior traction and roll; smooth predictable handling; and the quickness of a much smaller wheel. Said multi-time World Slalom Champion Gary Fluitt “I threw them on for my final run in the 2010 Texas Sizzler GS and without any testing I dropped my time by over a half second. That’s an eternity in slalom racing and it was more than enough to give me the win.” Hardness/Color 77A Durometer Translucent Orange 80A Durometer Transl. Sky Blue 83A Durometer Transl. Deep Purple

€ 65.00

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