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Raptor Scale Grips For Scooters, Raptor Scale Grips Raptor is a new company that developed grips specifically for freestyle scooters. While normal bmx grips only last about 3 weeks Raptor grips can withstand over 6 months of intense riding. The secret is an additional 1.5 mm stronger wall thickness which is about 50 % more than traditional grips. The results is an amazing feel and the grips get even better over time. They also provide a quite effective shock absorption enabling longer riding without fatigue. They come with screwable Nylon end plugs for a secure fit. Raptor offers 2 styles of grips: The Claw Grip features a flange on the inside and articulated vertical ribs which adapt to the contour of your palm. Scale Grips come with horizontal ribs and are flangeless so nothing is in your way when doing bar spins. Specifications: 1.5mm more wall thickness Shock absorption Superior durability Screwable bar ends Available in Yellow / Orange / Red / Purple / Green / Black and White

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