Grippins 70mm – Longboard Wielen

The Abec11 Grippin was originally designed to be a narrower option for tight slalom. Being centre-set it narrows the track width of your truck and applies even force to both inner and outer lip for more grip. Many riders choose them today for a mix of sliding and gripping and they can be used for Downhill or freeride as well. Once you break the skin, they slide really smooth and being centre-set you can flip them for even wear. Downhill riders tend to prefer the 81a for sliding and freeriding as it slides easier once broken in.This can be used for Tight and Hybrid Slalom. Highest level of traction and faster top end speed make a great downhill wheel. Also great for carving and cruising on larger boards. Extremely smooth even on rough surfaces. Specifications:Height: 70mm Durometers: 75a 78a 81a 84aWidth: 52mm Contact Patch: 50.5mm Hub: 25mm Hub Setting: CS Centerset Depth of Urethane: 22.5mm Edges: Square Disciplines: Longboard Hybrid GS Buttboard Described by our customers as : Fast, smooth and ultra high traction

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