Flywheels 97mm – Longboard Wielen

The Abec11 97mm Flywheel is the big daddy of longboard wheels. Being so much larger than comparable downhill wheels means it has more mass to roll over over rough pavement, and more cushion for those super rough roads as well. It can be used for downhill as well, but some riders note there is some chatter while sliding. Our flagship wheel will smooth out even the roughest roads and this soft formula also helps to absorb shock and provide extra traction. If you a ride like a limousine this is your wheel. Specifications:Height: 97mm Durometers: 75a 78a 81a Width:52mm Contact Patch: 43.0mm Hub: 45mm Hub Setting: CS Centerset Depth of Urethane: 26mm Edges: Round Disciplines: Megaboard Streetluge How they have been described by our customers: Gigantic flagship wheel line fastest controlled slides predictable ultra fast

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