Flywheels 83mm – Longboard Wielen

Abec11 Flywheels are some of the most classic downhill wheels made to date. They have been used for World Championship titles and some of the longest stand up slides in the world, truly an all around downhill wheel. Being center-set means you can flip the wheel as it cones, and there is a lot of meat on these 83mm wheels before you reach the core. Using a “flywheel” design, the idea is that the wheel has a higher roll speed and centrifugal force. Speed traction control. You really can have it all in one wheel. Specifications:Height: 83mmDurometers: 75a 78a 81a Width:52mm Contact Patch: 44.0mm Hub: 45mm Hub Setting: CS Centerset Depth of Urethane: 19mm Edges: Round Disciplines: Downhill. Streetluge Longboard Streetluge Downhill Racing How they have been described by our customers: Flagship wheel line fast controlled slides predictable

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