Flywheels 107mm – Longboard Wielen

If you thought the 97 mm Flywheels were big, check out this monster..This is the ultimate granddaddy largest wheel ever made for a skateboard. At 107mm this is by far the biggest wheel you can find for longboards anywhere in the world. Originally designed for an electric skateboard, but now released to the public for anyone to use this wheel is a bonafide monster! Being 107mm means this wheel is hugely tall, wide, and heavy which helps roll over the gnarliest pavement anywhere and they will roll for days and days. They are so tall that you will need a board with large cut-outs to fit this wheel, so be sure your board has adequate clearance, or you have enough risers to avoid wheelbite.Specifications:Hub Setting: CS Centerset Height: 107mm Depth of Urethane: 30mm Edges: Round Contact Patch: 62mm SET OF 4 Durometer:
74A (Lime Green) 77A (Pink) 80A (Lime Green) Diameter: 107 mm

€ 174.95

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