Classic Freeride 77mm – Longboard Wielen

The Abec11 Classic Freerides in 77mm are a smooth sliding, ‘thane leaving, slightly larger freeride wheel. Being 77mm means you’ll get more slides before you core the wheel, and it will have a bit higher roll speed / inertia for cruising. This wheel is slightly offset for smoother slides, but you could still flip them to take care of any coning if necessary. The Abec11 Classic urethane is great in all duros, but the 84a takes the cake for durability. 78a and 81a will leave beautiful ‘thane lines all over your hill in hotter weather or bigger slides.Our Reflex Formula urethane is loved by racers who require traction at all cost.But not everyone wants to race and not everyone wants to rail every turn.Freeriders often want a more predictable wheel for standing slides drifts and pre-drifts.The Classic thane is perfect for riders who love to slide thrash and shred the gnar on all types of terrain.Diameter: 77 mmDurometer: 78a, 81A, 84aCore position: Offset

€ 66.95

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