Bushings Eliminators – Longboard Bushing

Bushings: Eliminators This bushing is our way of paying homage to what is if we’re honest one of the greatest bushings of all time: The Tracker Stimulator. The stepped out design lets you put a lot more urethane under your feet. The result of this is you can run a softer duro and still maintain the same stability. In short more turn less wob and more rebound from all the extra bushing. The Eliminator is also specifically designed to accommodate precision trucks with spherical bearings. One side of the bushing has an indented ‘dish’ to prevent contact with the bearing that causes twitch. Available in the following duros: Blue 78a (Softest)Orange 81a (Softer)Yellow 85a (Soft)Purple 87a (Medium Soft)Red 90a (Medium)Green 93a (Hard)Pink 97a (Hardest)1 set = 1 truck

€ 11.95

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