Avalon 68mm (Trimmed) – Longboard Wielen

This version of the 68mm Avalon comes in attractive translucent colors. The Avalon was designed as a slalom wheel, but being the smaller size that it is it’s a great option for cruisers or minis as a replacement wheel. The Avalon has flexible and grippy lips both inside and outside and is a super high traction wheel.Great for all-purpose longboarding, cruising, and Old School styling, and one of the world’s best all-around slalom wheels. Named after the legendary slalom racing site on Catalina Island, California, in the early 2000s the Avalon won more elite races than all other brands combined.Factory trimmed lips 4 or 7mm for increased grip and steering. Specifications:Diameter: 68 mm. Core position: offsetWheel Durometer/Hardness: 78A Blue (4/7mm) 80A White (7mm)82A Green (7mm)

€ 49.90

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